Why Sharing Spaces?

We are about helping you create the life that you want, full of more of everything you want in it.  Life is so precious and we should all be taking full advantage of what life has to offer.  So what is holding you back from having a spectacular life?  Could it be that you are ignoring important parts of your life?  It is said that there are five aspects that we all have to balance:  Work/Finance, Health, Learning (Personal Development), Social and Spiritual.  Our goal at Sharing Spaces is to bring you options that will contribute to all or most of these five areas.

In this blog we talk about our social needs; we were not meant to be alone.  Even if you are an introvert, you were made to share experiences and successes with others.  But, what if you don’t have family around or you are not good at making friends.  Maybe you have recently moved to a new city or you have focused on building your professional career and you are realizing you haven’t stopped to smell the roses.  Our technology-driven world today allows us to have hundreds of “friends” on Facebook and instantaneous Likes and Loves at all hours of the day.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t fill the void that only in-person connection with other human beings can bring.  For those of us that are single, young or old, we seek companionship and friendship that makes life mean more.  We want to share meals, birthdays or maybe a movie and bag of popcorn and some laughs.  When you have a bad or a great day, you want to have someone to come home to and share with.  To avoid being alone, some of us refuse to exit bad relationships or marry when that other person isn’t actually “the one.”  We are proposing another option . . . finding a well-matched roommate. We pair up people, whether they own a home with an extra bedroom or are looking for a room to rent, who might not otherwise cross paths and who would be great roommates.

Sharing Spaces starts the process with a questionnaire that helps you put into words what you want.  We help you tell the story of your life and paint the picture of that perfect roommate.  Are you an early riser, neat freak, home body or do you love to garden.  Will that perfect roommate be someone who loves to cook, watch movies or enjoy hanging out and drinking a cup of coffee with you on a Sunday morning.  Whatever that person looks like for you, they are out there and they are waiting for you to sign up!

All the best,

Tracie Barmann, President of Sharing Spaces

Shannon LaBare