Sharing Spaces was started to bring people together to grow their community, support system, circle of friends and hopefully put more cash in their pocket.  

+ Maybe you are a homeowner that is interested in renting out a room (or two) to allow you to work less or vacation more.  

+ Or you are moving to a new city and you just need a safe place to lay your head and meet a new friend for a year while you get settled.  

+ Or you could be an empty nester that is ready to start the next chapter of your life and having a roommate sounds great.  

But, how do you find the right person, do the right background checks and have the necessary documents in place?  

You call Sharing Spaces.



Sharing Spaces is a customized approach to co-housing, where we provide screening, matching and facilitation to find the perfect match with your personal privacy and security in mind.

We match and connect people that live in the same area that are looking for housing that benefits all parties. We take great pride in the effort that goes into our screening and matching process that is also conducive to the start of a great and lasting friendship. 

Our questionnaire takes in consideration your daily lifestyle choices, your living habits, how much time you spend at home, cleanliness and what you and your match want from the relationship (just a roommate or a friend).  We help you create the life you want!

We preform background and credit checks on all parties and then start the matching process. Once a match is found, we facilitate and manage a written agreement that allows the homeowner to enjoy the support co-housing brings without having to collect rent or worry about the paperwork tied to the move in or move out process. 

Our vision is that our matching for co-housing leads to a bond between people rooted in common values and interests to grow into companionship and adventure.

We are proud members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).



About the Team

Founded by Tracie and Bernie Barmann, Sharing Spaces started with an idea to bring friendship and community to people who are looking for more out of life. When they were single they both realized that they faced the prospect of living life without close companionship. They recognized that there should be opportunities for single people to have companionship and shared living arrangements other than through romantic relationships. Shared housing seemed like the perfect solution but not very many people are renting out rooms in their homes, either because they find the prospect of bringing in a stranger to be daunting or because they don’t know how to go about finding good tenants. This shared vision of expanding co-housing opportunities inspired them to found Sharing Spaces.

Our managing broker, Susan D Whitson BRE #00432019, oversees the Sharing Spaces process for our tenants and real estate owners.



Are you ready to share a space?