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We look to the Internet for everything, from how to cut a sweet potato to directions for our next trip out of town. The Internet brings us together, broadens our horizons and helps share our story. While services abound online to help make our lives easier, there are still things that are best done with a personal human connection.

Now, let’s talk through finding a roommate. We all have those stories we could tell about the roommate that just wasn’t a good fit but no way to fix it. What if there was a service that utilized the power of the Internet, with the goal for companionship and camaraderie while knowing that your match was tailored to your tailored to your lifestyle, protecting your privacy and preserving your security? Meet Sharing Spaces.

Sharing Spaces is a customized approach to co-housing, where we provide screening, matching and facilitation to find the perfect match.

We provide a comprehensive and personalized process that is tailored to your needs, whether you are a host or tenant looking to share space.

Hosts - Find a compatible roommate to share a room in your home.

Tenants - Get matched up with a compatible host in their home or with other tenants seeking to co-lease shared space.

Landlords -  Sharing Spaces will bring you pre-screened and compatible tenants to share your rental property

Our vision is that our matching for co-housing leads to a bond between people rooted in common values and interests to grow into companionship and adventure.


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